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No matter how much weight you have to lose, you don’t have to go it alone. Odds are good that you’ve tried losing weight before and maybe you were successful, maybe you weren’t. This time, why not improve your odds of success with Thinnergy?

Thinnergy Medical Weight Loss is helping St. Louis area residents shed excess pounds* and get healthier with our proven methods; our physicians will tailor a plan to your specific needs.

Why is Thinnergy’s method successful? Four simple reasons:

  1. Your Body, Your Plan—Our physicians assess your metabolism, medical history, current health issues, and other factors that affect your ability to lose weight.
  2. Accurate, Honest Loss Projections with Precise Monitoring—Based on your body type, specific measurements, and overall health we realistically project your rate of weight loss. We’ll help you stay on track to achieve your weight loss goals with precise body composition measurements to make sure you are losing fat, not muscle.
  3. Lifestyle and Motivational Coaching—Behavioral counseling is part of every plan and will help you address your relationship with food, lifestyle habits and emotional barriers that might be preventing you from reaching your goals. You and your physician will review each module together and address any issues that arise; we’re here to help and support you.
  4. Compassionate Support from a Caring Physician—Your Thinnergy physician will meet with you regularly to motivate you, address any issues, and to help you meet and maintain your weight loss goals.

Want to find out what Thinnergy can do for you? Call and schedule your consultation today at 314.665.3016 to schedule a consultation. You’ll get to discuss your weight loss goals, current health, and body composition with a Thinnergy physician. You are under no obligation to sign up for one of our programs and the consultation is FREE. Come see what Thinnergy can do for you!


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Caffeine and Your Weight

When it comes to weight loss, caffeine can be a mixed bag—and it’s certainly no magic bullet. While it may be tempting to ramp up your caffeine intake as school and work ramp up this fall, it may not be the best thing for you or your medical weight loss program....
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Recipe of the Week: Chicken Pesto Pasta

If you thought homemade pesto was difficult to make, think again. This easy and delicious pasta makes enough to satisfy the entire family with leftovers for lunch! Recipe Nutritional Information: Calories per Serving: 517 Servings: 7 Estimated Total Preparation...
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Should You Cut the Carbs?

Carbohydrates often get a bad rap as a food to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. The Atkins Diet recommends cutting them altogether, and other weight loss plans also limit their intake. But is giving up carbs really necessary to successfully shed excess...
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Recipe of the Week: Chicken Stir Fry

Get your fill of veggies with this delicious and healthy Asian-influenced stir-fry. Though it’s designed to be slightly spicy, feel free to omit the hot sauce if that’s your preference. Recipe Nutritional Information: Servings: 4 Estimated Total Preparation Time:...
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How to Sit a Little Less at Work

Sitting at work is killing us. Our bodies are not designed to be sitting as much as we do. It’s time we get up, get moving, and get healthy. Wake up. Go to work. Sit all day. Exercise for one hour (maybe). Sleep. Repeat Monday through Friday. Many Americans spend...
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Teriyaki Fish with Sauteed Veggies

Not only is this Asian-inspired dish flavorful, but bok choy is a great source of calcium and vitamins A and C. Add in other veggies, like carrots, bamboo shoots, or water chestnuts, for a new flavor! Recipe Nutritional Information: Servings: 3 Estimated...
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7 Easy Ways to Eat Better

Eating right can be tricky with all of the conflicting information floating around. Go simple- eat plenty of veggies, stay away from foods with added sugar, and make sure you stay hydrated. Here are some easy tips to help you stay on track! Do Something Different:...
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Recipe of the Week: Sweet and Sour Pork

Enjoy this Chinese favorite without the guilt by using lean pork and substituting brown rice for white. Recipe Nutritional Information: Servings: 4 Estimated Total Preparation Time: 30 minutes Calories per Serving: 519 Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups long-grain...
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Forgive Yourself and Get Back on Track

Blame and your weight loss plan can happen on two levels: First, if you have any health issues that happened in part because of how and what you ate over the longer term, you may feel guilt and shame. Second, if you have any slip-ups now on your medical weight...
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Brown Bag It: Packing a Healthy Lunch

To commemorate the start of the school year, we thought we’d discuss the most important aspect- lunch. When it comes to lunch, brown bagging brings major benefits. The extra five to 10 minutes it takes to throw together a lunch is like scoring a major bargain...
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Weight loss is a highly individualized process. No individual result should be seen as typical.